Fortunately, most repairs do not require new parts. However, when repair does require special parts there is a down time for the duration necessary to acquire those parts through special order. Frequently, our tuner-technician will make minor repairs while tuning your piano. If you notice a failure for a key to sound or a key that will not return (that is will not come back up) call us. Often such repairs can be estimated over the telephone.​

The shape and density of the hammers do much to determine the quality or "color" of the sound of your piano.  Ask for a free demonstration on your own piano when our technician visits.


Tuning an equal temperament scale to A 440 CPS U.S. Standard Pitch is Alamo Piano Service's primary and most frequent service. Other pitches such as A 444 CPS or A 435 CPS can be applied upon request with advance notification. All tuning is by ear and should be done preferably at the location where the piano is to be used.

When pianos have been neglected (not been tuned or played) for several years they usually require a pitch raise which takes about an hour longer than standard tuning and, therefore, cost more to tune.


Piano Tuning in Phoenix


and all Valley Cities within a 40 mile radius*

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 Residential, Academic, Ecclesiastic and Commercial Service

Regulation is necessary to have your piano perform consistently and reliably. Pianos in need of regulation will be inconsistent, have either poor or unwanted repetition, or other symptoms making your piano mechanically unpleasant to play. Spot (occasional individual key) regulation is usually all that is needed on newer pianos. However, highly worn actions may require substantial time and expense to put that instrument into proper regulation.


Alamo Piano Tuning Service does not buy or sell pianos. All appraisals are objective and disinterested. Our appraisals are technical in nature - which means they do not assess collector, period or antique value.

Anyone interested in assessing the value of a given piano can and should do as much research as possible on the web oneself. EbayCraigslist and (new retail prices only) are good places to start. Beyond that, our technician can provide professional evaluation by means of pianotuning to determine the piano's structural and mechanical integrity.

Our written appraisals are presented as electronic (.jpg and .pdf) files suitable for posting on-line.

Appraisals require a service call that includes piano tuning and a written evaluation for publication, which makes them useful for: 1. buying,

2. selling,

3. submission to your insurance agent for coverage in case of damage or theft,

4. making a claim for damage, or

5. presentation to your tax accountant for professional use deduction or charitable donation claims.

Piano appraisals include piano tuning, piano examination and a detailed written report - they usually take three hours at the piano location to complete. As of January 1, 2016 our appraisal fee is $120.00 .





The standard fee for a service call is $90.00. Most service calls are for the purpose of tuning and that fee includes travel* and time for tuning. However, if your piano is more than 25 cents flat which requires a pitch raise the fee is $120.00 and takes approximately three hours to accomplish.

*(Travel within 40 mile radius of 29th Street and Indian School  Rd. in Phoenix - beyond area fee is $1.00 per mile.) Please telephone 602-761-0232 for estimates and details.