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Piano scale design varies from piano to piano.  The best scale designs minimize inharmonic overtones throughout the piano. 

When one sets an equal temperament scale, the intervals are most pleasing when they are tuned relative to one pitched note as a standard such as A 440 CPS (Cycles Per Second).

When intervals are fine tuned relative to a single standard displeasing inharmonic overtones are subdued for more pleasing overtones - chosen by the human ear. 

F. Thomas (Tom) Fiedler has been servicing pianos since May of 1972. He has tuned pianos for piano dealers, schools, churches, concert halls, music teachers, recording artists in Colorado, New Mexico, Nevada, Wyoming, Nebraska, Montana, California and Arizona.

Whether your piano is a Steinway concert grand for a professional concert, or a modest Wurlitzer spinet piano for a 7 year old beginner student, Tom tunes with the same exacting demands to achieve your piano's full potential. 


The standard fee for a tuning service call is $90.00. Most service calls are for the purpose of tuning and that fee includes travel* and time for tuning. *(Travel within 40 mile radius of 29th Street and Indian School Rd. in Phoenix - beyond area fee is $1.00 per mile.) However, if your piano is more than 25 cents flat which requires a pitch raise, the fee is $120.00 and takes approximately three hours to accomplish.

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